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It has been almost seventy years since the opening of Beni Sanitaria, a provider of durable medical equipment that the city of Vicenza has long since started to rely on. Thanks to the vast catalogue of available products and the professionalism of its personnel, our store can provide its clients with the best equipment the market can offer.

Quality service

As a long-established reality, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service. We pay great attention to researching the best medical and orthopedic equipment and keeping updated on the latest technical innovations, which allows us to provide our patrons with state-of-the-art machinery and exclusive services. We are the only sales point for CPAP machines and supplies in the Vicenza area, providing high-quality in-house support.

Here for your every need

- Braces
- Corsets
- Shoes and custom orthotics
- Digital foot analysis
- Prosthetics
...also customized.
- Incontinence
- Ostomy and urinary supplies
- Compressive stockings for relaxation and healing
- Electro-medical equipment
- CPAP and Sleep Studies
- Wound Care
- Wheelchairs and mobility equipment
...also for rent.


Beni Sanitaria is affiliated with ULSS (Local Health Units) and INAIL (National Institute for Insurance against Workplace Accidents) as it aims to be of as much aid as possible to people covered by Italian Social Security.


Beni Sanitaria has been recognized by the U.S. Army Health Center of Vicenza as a V.I.P. for the healthcare services it has been providing to the Vicenza Military Community. We have been proud TRICARE providers since 2011, and our English-speaking personnel is ready to keep serving the community.