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There is a number of reasons why patients might need to spend time on a wheelchair. Beni Sanitaria offers a variety of chairs, each one different and many developed to address specific issues; people who need to navigate through small doorways can find a big help in chairs with quick-release wheels, where a second person can temporarily remove the two big wheels to reduce the total width and get through the doorway on small relief wheels, then put them back on once the chair is through. This can be particularly helpful in case of narrow elevators, and it makes for easier transportation in terms of both space and weight.

Patient Lifts

Manual or electric patient lifts can be a necessary aid for those charged with caring for someone else, as they provide safety to the patient during transportation and allow the carer to avoid unnecessary strain.
Trapeze bars can instead be helpful to those with reduced mobility who find it difficult to get out of bed or to get up from their chairs. By having a stable and sturdy handle to hold on to they can go back to standing up with ease.

Walkers and Rollators

For people who need support for moving around in their everyday life, both indoors and outdoors, we offer a few solutions that cover most needs.

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Simpler devices are light and sturdy, developed for moving safely indoors and taking little space thanks to an easy one-button folding system that makes them extremely portable. They can be personalized through different types of wheels and brakes, depending on individual needs.

More structured walkers called "rollators" can be used inside your home just as easily, but become necessary to take a comfortable stroll outside. The bigger, sturdier wheels can take you safely through patches of uneven terrain, and the basket allows you to carry little objects with you. A major plus point rollators have when compared to walkers is that, despite the noticeable increase in weight, they feature a seat that can be used to rest when tired, thus letting users take longer walks.

Hospital Beds

Aiming to make long-term bed rest more comfortable and manageable, we provide both electric and manual versions of hospital beds; these beds let you vary the position of your patient, for example lifting their legs in case of swelling or their upper body to make meals an easier task. It also aids the caretaker in treating the patient and changing sheets since it can be lifted up to about waist height.

These appliances are also available for rent.

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